Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 35

Well today I worked in the morning and got back at it in the afternoon.

I got the compressor hooked up and running.  Did an oil change, including some extra oil I overfilled that ended up on the floor.  It still needs an air filter, regulator, water/oil filter, tank drain, and the rubber mounts for the floor...but other than that, it's great! ;)

I also tackled getting the transaxle put back onto the chassis, mounted the rear shock absorbers, and connected the axle tubes to the swing axle arms.

I need to get a bigger torque wrench and 27mm socket to tighten down the last transaxle bolts.

I also mounted the front beam to get that out of the way.

Bad news is, the A/C went out on my car today.  So I'm off to the dealership tomorrow to get that looked at (under warranty?).  Hope to keep making progress before I have to leave!

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