Saturday, January 18, 2014

Day 60

Well I seem to have lost count of my "days" but probably have spent about 12 more "working" days since the last blog entry with a day stamp.  So we'll start with Day 60.

The last few days have been busy.  I have received a lot of the parts I've been waiting for.  I still am waiting for my engine tin and odds and ends.

The left pulley is a VW stamped original one, the right one is what I had on the engine before.  So they aren't the same, I think the black one is incorrect.  Doing more research...
 My parts solvent was getting pretty dirty and it still works but I'd like to clean it.  I came up with a pump, filter mount, and filter to clean the fluid.  It uses a little pond pump and pushes the fluid through the filter.  It is slowly clearing up.  Better than nothing I guess...

Today I finished the engine case drilling and tapping threads.  These are the factory drilled holes that create the oil galleys.  They had blank aluminum plugs plugging them up, but since I wanted to clean these out I had to remove them.  In the future I may tear down the engine and want to clean it again.  So, I drilled and tapped them for threads, put a screw-in plug, and it is easily removable.  This process took about 4 hours.

 Then, I used my new baking soda blaster to clean the outside of the case.  It did a great job but made quite a mess in the drive way.  No sweat though, wash it down with water and problem solved!

One more trip in the dishwasher and the case will be ready for assembly!

My cylinder heads should be done today and Monday we have a trip to Santa Monica.  I'm going to take my engine parts with me, rent a car in Santa Monica and drive the 1 hour to pick up my heads and drop off my engine parts that are going to get balanced.

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