Thursday, January 9, 2014

Parts! (and cleaning)

Today, I got some more parts shipments!  These are always fun to receive because I get to see why my credit card statement is always higher than I'd like.  I got a large parts order that had most of what I need to finish the engine.  Exhaust, gasket kits, internal engine parts, and some tools.  I also got my carburetor, oil cooler, and some other odds and ends.  I'm just waiting on small things here and there to complete my assembly items.

Not that it really matters, because I'm still waiting on my plugs for the oil galleries (shown in the last post, first image).  Those should be here in the next few days.  It's all about timing.

The last major thing I need to order is the engine tin.  This ducts the cooling air (VW's are air cooled, not water cooled like almost every modern car) around the important parts to keep it running smoothly.  I am looking for original tins as they fit better.

I was going to go with powder coated tin, but the $800-900 price tag has me a bit in shock.  I can find the tin I need, modify it for my application, and paint it (will need some more tools, OH NO!) for probably less than that.  Paint is also the original finish on the tin and easier to repair if need be in the future.

I cleaned an original style air cleaner I bought.  It will need some sanding, some dent repair, and a paint job and then will be ready to go.  I have another on the way so between the two I should be able to piece together one good one.

I also cleaned up my generator, removing all the pieces, cleaning them, and then re-assembling.  Shiny and new!  You can see the copper jaws I added to my vise to protect parts from being marred by the steel teeth.

And I cleaned up and listed for sale some of my parts from the old engine that I don't plan on using.  They aren't useful to me anymore so I either list them or keep them...and I don't want to just have things to take up space...where I could put another VW!


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