Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 82

Got back at it yesterday!  After being sick two weeks ago and then a very busy work week I was able to get some things done.

Quick update on progress.  The paint shop has gotten all my paint codes and put them into formulas ready for when I want to buy the paint.  That is a relief.

I have some things that need attention am researching the best method.  These are pot metal and hard to rechrome but some people can do it.

I sent the speedometer off to get overhauled.

The instructions said to not send with signature confirmation but I wanted to insure as I went to the post office I realized it said "signature required" on the label which I assume is for the insurance.  I went to the counter and the lady said "Oh that's fine, we'll just cross it out" and marked it with a pen.

Needless to say that didn't change the fact that it needed signature confirmation and the guy hasn't been able to pick it up at the post office yet.  A true pain!

These lock cylinders also need replacing.

I had a helper show me how to sandblast things in my new (modified super duper) cabinet! :)
Proper safety gear?

And by busy week at work I mean...I got to go visit this place.  YEAH.

And yesterday's progress was all about the paint booth.  It's really the only thing holding me back right now.  I don't want to blast anything because I want to be able to paint the parts right away.

I've devised a system where I mounted 2x4s to the ceiling.  This gives me a mounting surface for 2x2's which I will wrap in plastic and then allow it to drape down to the floor.  This makes it easy to hang and easily removable.  I may want to collapse the booth in between painting...and this affords me the ability to do it!

First board mounted!

I used tee nuts which have barbs that dig into the wood and sit flush to secure the bolts on the other side.

I then took the 2x2s and drilled holes in them to slide onto the bolts.   I'll secure each board with a large washer and nut.  This way I should be able to lift and mount the plastic sheets by myself.  It will also be removable where staples into the ceiling are removable but not reusable.  This also prevents me from having too much repair of the garage when I move.   And of course I can take down my paint booth and move it with me!

I won't mention that I had to buy and return two different sets of bolts because I got carriage bolts the first time and too short of the right bolts the second time.  Third time was the charm.

Two sides done!

The full setup.

I am very happy with how it turned out.  I still need to build two half size "walls" for the front and back of the booth.  They will sit on the ground and be about two feet tall.  They will contain the filters on the back wall and fans on the front wall for cross flow ventilation.  This will give some structure for the filters to mount to and also provide a bit more of a frame for the booth.

After that, the plastic goes up and the painting can begin.  Now to find the time to do all of really is getting in the way of my days off! :)


  1. 1 - I've never seen those "tee bolts" before - pretty cool!
    2 - I'm having trouble visualizing the plastic in regards to the garage door and how you're going to seal the corners of the booth. I"m sure you've got a plan for it already.. but I cant' see it yet!

  2. JEEZ, so many questions!|1&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNs%3Dp_product_qty_sales_dollar%7C1&facetInfo=

    You've seen those tee nuts before.

    The garage door will only be open about 2 ft, so the plastic will not interfere with it. I am going to put the ceiling plastic under the door opener to make sure it is covered from the inside of the booth, if that makes sense.

    As far as the corners, so duct tape or velcro will seal the corners and any other random openings.


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