Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day 96 & 97

Well, the past few days I have been getting ready for my final primer day.  I have a bunch of small pieces that needed to be blasted and primed.  I spent about 7 hours Saturday doing most of the small pieces.  Then another 6 or so today working on the gas tank and one seat frame.

The paint on some of the pieces was VERY thick and hard to get off.  I'm also using a semi-abrasive media so it takes a bit longer sometimes but doesn't damage the underlying material.

I have the shift rod, emergency brake handle, and driver's seat still to go.  Those will wait until the last application of the primer (during high build stage when all body work is done) before I take them off the pan and paint them.  That way I can still move the pan around and not have to worry about an immobile pan!

I also installed some eye hooks into the ceiling so I can run some wire to hang the pieces I am going to paint.

Last of the "big parts" off to the blaster tomorrow, hopefully done Thursday and paint this weekend.  Digging into savings at this point in order to move onto the next step.  Blah.

Looking forward to wrapping up the primer and moving onto metal and then body work!

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