Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day 98

Well I had (am still having) a full day today.

I flew early in the morning and then dropped off my remaining parts at the media blaster.  Fenders, doors, hood, rear seat and decklid.  Should be done in a few days and that expensive part of the project will be finished!

Caroline had a trip into North Vegas today so we got some unexpected but nice hang out time.  Always  a fun surprise when she shows up.  Sometimes we coordinate ever so dilligently all for not, so it's nice when it works!

I did get to de-rusting my purchased hood replacement.  I sent my original hood to media blast just to see if it will be salvageable.  I can also sell it for some $$.

My purchased hood had been blasted a while ago and sitting in the house had higher humidity, even in the desert so it did rust a bit.  The hood does need some work too, especially around the nose area.  But nothing that is not manageable.

I used phosphoric acid which converts the rust (iron oxide) to iron phosphate.  It is no longer rust, inert, and you cant paint on it.  If I didn't do this, the rust would probably rear it's ugly head again in the future which would be a little upsetting.

I could have sent it back to media blast but this is definitely a project that a few hours and some elbow grease can achieve with similar results.

The blue towels were wetted, then put in place to keep the phosphoric acid on the tougher spots longer.  It is still sitting outside now, I'll let it sit for a couple hours and then before bed put it in the garage and wet it down one more time with the acid to dry overnight.

Tomorrow I'll clean it off and should be good to go!

Paint should be this weekend.

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