Friday, October 31, 2014

Day 108

Welp, today was an interesting day.  I really didn't get much done but it took a few hours to do it...if that makes sense?

I needed to remove the front apron which required the drilling out of probably 50 spot welds.  I have a special tool called a spot weld cutter that is like a miniature hole saw.  It makes easy work of this job.


Nose job!

Left side has some accident damage, discussed in earlier posts?

This piece needed to be removed so I could replace the rusted bottom seen here.

I still have to drill out the spot welds seen at the top of this piece.  The front apron and spare tire well are two different pieces entirely.
Unfortunately, about half way through I had the biggest accident I've had with this entire project involving myself.  I've had cuts, scrapes, bruises, 6 month long splinters, weld burns, etc. etc.

But none bled as badly as this and had me as worried.  The spot weld cutter slipped and started working its magic on my left thumb.  Blood on the bug body, so now I can say I have blood, sweat, money, and it freakin' hurt... so tears into this car!

What was left of my thumb stuck in the drill bit, it was white, but weird lighting in this picture.

So needless to say, off to urgent care I went for a tetanus booster (probably will need that in the future anyway) and some antibiotics 4 times daily.

I actually cut my thumb about half way through the project and decided to finish it so I could get the front apron off :)

Here's the pictures of the driver's side A pillar.  Will need some filler work, but not too bad.

And a nice picture from work.

This front apron is going to take quite a while.  I need to replace the master cylinder shelf, repair the accident damage on the left side of the car, prep the front area, and then mount the new spare tire well and re-attach the front apron.

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