Monday, February 9, 2015

Day 123

"It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!"       NOT.

Today I worked on the driver's side front fender.  I took my time and was a little more liberal with the filler today.  I found before I applied it too thin and by the time I sanded it flat it was through to the metal.  It ended up being a thin layer after all, and I still had to apply three different times to get good coverage, but I'm learning.

What I've found also is that if I plan on covering a small area I have to extend the filler fairly wide out from the area in order to get enough coverage without sanding through.

It'll be smooth even if someone looks underneath! :)
I spent 5 hours on the one fender today.  But I'm much happier with how it turned out than my first rear fender.  I still plan to mount them to the body and do one last coat of filler before I do the glaze (thinner, runnier filler to cover minor imperfections).  This way I can blend the fender lines with the body lines and make it look good!

Yesterday, I picked up some lights on Craigslist to help my paint booth situation.  I got them for $120 which I thought was a pretty good deal considering they retail for $250.  They were used in an exhibition booth at a conference in town and are in nice shape.  Should help cure my light problem!

I've also been organizing a cleaning the last little bits and pieces I'll need for reassembly.  I cleaned up a fuse box and junction boxes used in the electrical system.  This involved taking pictures of the parts, putting them in a de-rusting solution, and then finishing them up in a bath of vinegar to get them shiny and sparkly again.

Drying overnight.
I also cleaned up my original tie rods as I'm thinking about using them.  We'll see.

The engine has been running well since I tuned it a bit. I am finding however that it appears the carb to intake and carb body gaskets are leaking leaking a yellow residue over time.  I think this is also causing some leaks in the system which make it run poorly after several cycles of running.  A have a pair of gaskets and am going to try and put the gaskets on to see if they help stop the leaks.  It's really just been a pain.  Small leak, poor starting, running rich, all things that are a pain in the butt!

And finally, I sent my locks off to the locksmith in Pennsylvania where he is going to key them all the same to an original keyed set I found online.  I'm also having a couple spare keys made.  Should look and work excellent!

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