Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Day 122

Today I disassembled an original fuel pump that I had shipped in.  It isn't the same as the one on my original engine, in fact it has an additional fuel filter which I kinda like.  Not sure if I want to use this pump on my original engine but nonetheless I can rebuild it and sell it if need be.

That brass screw has a filter in there.

Original style on my engine.

So, do I keep the original one or go for a very similar one with a fuel filter on it?

Anyway, I also started some body work!  I worked on both rear fenders.  The learning curve wasn't so bad, I used my knowledge from videos, books, and experts to try it first.

My first batch I mixed too much and it set up quickly.  I was also heavy handed on applying it so I had to sand forever.  Lesson learned!

I spent about 8 hours on these two fenders.  The driver's side was a real pain in the butt.  I had to not only do filler on the outside but also the inside of the fender (obsess much?).

It took forever but I used 80 grit, 150, and then finished 220.  They turned out pretty good.  I'm going to get all the parts in one coat of filler and then mount them to the body and apply a skim coat of glaze which will get everything super smooth.

I think I'll do front fenders next, then hood, decklid, and the parts on the body that need it!

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