Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 12-13

Well, after getting that stubborn nut off I went ahead and removed the spring plates with a turn buckle trick I learned from a thread on  I will most likely have to get the proper tool to get them back on because the turn buckle was still a bit short.

I degreased the bottom of the pan, scraped the top of all residual seam sealer, gunk, and miscellaneous stuck things and degreased the top.  I removed the accelerator, clutch, heater, and choke cables.  I sealed all the holes with duct tape and rags.  The pan is ready for the blaster!

I started tonight working on the beam.  All but one tie-rod end came off (going to get a pickle fork tomorrow) and I removed the steering box and sway bar.  I then started the dirtiest thing I've done yet...scraping off the 50+ years of dirt and grease from the front beam.  MAN, you can tell the original owner had it serviced on time because there was tons of caked on dirt and grease that made a mess of me, the garage floor, and all my tools.  A pain to clean up but all is well.

Next I am going to continue working on the front beam, have that stripped ready to go to the blaster.  At a certain point, I will kind of be done with things on the pan until it comes back from media blast and the transaxle ready from refurbed.

My plan is to get all my prep materials ready.  Will cover that when I order them.

Pictures in a day or so, yawnnnnnnnnn I'm tired!

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