Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 3

Passenger side bolts are all out. Driver's side are proving to be a real headache, soaking each day with penetrating oil. Removed some really old crusty rubber from the front underneath where the hood would sit. Removed the speedo, fuse holder, and most wiring. Windsheild wiper motor. Some of the switches. Need a special escutcheon tool for the others. Don't worry Dad(s), I labeled all of it and took lots of pictures! Removed the dash trim, accessory tach.

 Attempted to remove steering wheel but the splines that it attaches to on the steering box are rusted together. Soaking in oil, will see about tomorrow. Only casualties for the day was a piece of dash trim that snapped when I removed it. And a piece of felt/cardboard behind a trim panel. Easily replaceable!

 Plan will be to continue working on removing the old rubber, trying to get the bolts out, and starting to remove the old tar board in the trunk, and underneath where the headliner used to be. Problem areas so far...

 1) Pan section underneath battery was poorly replaced in the past.

 2) Driver's side A pillar is rusted through. Replacement part available, suspect that because the A pillar is rusted, water was getting down into that heater channel which would help explain why the bolts are hard to get out. Heater channel may need replacing? Passenger side all came out easily, except for one which require some more effort.

 3) Passenger side rear rocker needs replacement, rusted through. Replacement part available, however not sure if it is big enough to cover the problem area. Can source original parts, looking.

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