Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 37

Well, I'm back from training...albeit for one day!  But I couldn't just let the bug sit in the garage and not work on it!

I got the pedal assembly put together.  I KNOW I had the securing pin for the clutch pedal (the hole all the way on the left) but for whatever reason I can't find it in my parts.  So, it'll be ordered on my next parts order...just a pain (and $1.25 ;)

Also got the steering box mounted.

And I got a new solenoid for the starter so I put that on and put it back on.  It isn't year correct (it's actually a 1964 starter) but it works.  I can get a proper starter but they are about $550 and for that kind of money it'll have to be saved for a greener day.  I can't justify spending that much money right now when I have so many other things to do.  Especially considering no one can see the damn thing unless they really, really look!

Brakes will be next.

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