Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 40

Another day down!  Quite productive today although by the looks of it, it looks like I sat on my butt all day.

I made a run to the tool store to get some things I'm going to be needing in the future.  A power brake bleeder (for one dude makes it much easier) and a race/seal driver set.  Some random odds and ends here and there.

I also cleaned my wheel bearings and for being so old they were in surprisingly good shape.  I did however find one outer wheel bearing that needed replacement.  Unfortunately, this ball bearing style is not produced any longer.  I could upgrade to the newer roller bearing style but I'm trying to keep the car as original as possible.

Those flat spots on the balls there are not good!
After a trip to the bearing store with no luck I found the proper bearing online as "New Old Stock" or NOS.  This is basically something that hasn't been used but was produced many years ago and has been sitting on a shelf since.  I found this one on my VW website and actually found a spare inner bearing on eBay for $13.  Good deal!

I also got my rear brakes set up.  Unfortunately the spring kit I got didn't have the right hold down pins, so I have my old ones soaking in deruster overnight.  I'd like everything as fresh and new as possible, but the new ones just didn't cut it.

Also attached the emergency brake cables.

I painted my brake drums on the inside edge so those will be ready tomorrow.  I need to finish up the brakes, wait for some parts to get here and then I can mount the pedal cluster, tie rods, and some other odds and ends.

My parts piles are getting low = a good sign!

Used parts, I put them in the boxes when I replace them with new or don't need them.

New parts.  And in reality, most of these I actually ordered too soon so it will be months before they get used.

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