Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 42

Well, I had to work at the aerobatics place today so I couldn't do much work on the car.  I didn't have much work to do anyways, until my parts showed up.  When I got home they were ready sitting on my doorstep.

I installed the clutch pedal shaft pin and installed the pedal assembly.  It turned out to be about a 2 hour process, but it is in, adjusted and I'm very happy with it.

Blue tape = touch up.
I also installed my wheel spacers which were a snug fit (by design) but I was prepared with my 1 1/4 inch pipe and 2lb sledge to drift them on.  No worse for the wear and the VW prescribed method!

The one down side to the parts order was that my tie rod ends (to replace the ones I broke when removing them) were not the right brand.  They would have worked.  But they looked different than the other tie rod ends.  One was black and three were blue.  So 3 out of the 4 would have been normal...and the 4th would have stuck out like a sore thumb.  If I was in a pinch and needed it done, sure slap it together to make it work.  But for them to look odd and it be a brand new restoration I just couldn't deal with.

So I had to send them back to the vendor and order the whole tie rod.  In the end, I will be out about $75 for my little screw up.  Not a huge amount but I can't wait to get it installed so I don't have to think about it anymore!  Should be here Saturday, hopefully.

Tomorrow, my new outer bearing and retaining nuts come so I should be able to get the front drums mounted.  I will also have to take down my tires and get them cleaned up a bit and I may have a rolling chassis soon!  WOOOOO!

Once I finish up that stuff I can start prepping the body for the media blaster which means....more scraping undercoating off of the body and fenders.

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