Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 39

Today was a very productive day.  I started at about 1045 and finished up at 6pm.

I finished the brake lines on the entire car, so they are bent and in place.  It wasn't too hard of a job, just time consuming and took a bit of effort.  I think it came out well for my first time!

Darker green lines that run from the brakes up to a brass T fitting.
Green line running along side the tunnel
Master cylinder and front lines.  Also backwards tie rod on the left side of the picture.
I also go the wheel cylinders mounted on all four backing plates, so I was able to run the lines and next I will able to setup the brakes.

Safety wired the bolts too, the wheels aren't falling off this project (yet!)

I put the heater control cables in which control a flap in the back near the engine to direct heat into the car.  You know, in the summer time here and stuff.  So with the placement of the ivory knob I am now in the "finishing" phase of the car....YEAH RIGHT!

This spins...

Which then moves this cable (and another one on the other side) backwards and forwards.
One minor set back I did have was with the tie rods.  I put the right one on backwards.  Oops.  I had to get a tool from the auto parts store to remove it and in doing so, ruined both rubber pieces on the tie rod ends.  I ordered two more and the lovely price of $ least it's not the $59 that the whole tie rod cost new!

When bolting on the new master cylinder I remembered I had a rubber piece that came off the old one.  For the life of me though I can't find anything online that resembles what this could do besides maybe an old master cylinder boot.  That means when I disassembled it I had two boots...which is not factory and not surprising :)

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