Friday, January 2, 2015

Day 115

Well it has certainly been a while!  Almost a month in fact.  I was out of town for a good portion of that time, visiting Michigan and Caroline in Palm Springs.

I have had a couple doubts about the progress of the car.  It is taking quite a while, so I'd get down on myself but had some pick-me-up talks and was back at it today.

I worked on both rear fenders, repairing some rust and doing some hammer and dolly work.

I take pictures of mine, but by far the most time consuming was replacing the attachment lip on the driver's side.  I had a special piece mailed from Finland.

This guy does all the weird, special metal work that some of the older bugs require.  He's really nice and the parts fit great.

Here's some other work I did.

This was previously hammer and dollied very poorly.  Then covered with filler.  This is the before picture.  I smoothed it out a bit more and it looks good now!
Front fenders tomorrow!

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