Monday, January 12, 2015

Day 118

Today I finished the decklid priming it and welding it back in.

I also started on the doors.  I carefully marked where I was going to cut out the bad parts of the doors. They are pretty rough on the bottom!

I then prepped the donor doors.  To do this, I basically drilled out the spot welds and cut the area I needed out of the donor door.  I then cleaned it up a bit in the sand blaster cabinet.
Spot welds drilled.

Two pieces separated
 I will get them cleaner before I do a final weld-in.  This welding will be some of the toughest yet because I have to go very slow to not warp the thin panel on the door.  There is no bracing behind it, so it is very easy to do so.

I also cut out the first part of my driver's side door that will be replaced.  I will tack in the repair part and then remove the outer skin of the door, preserving the geometry as best I can.

I'll replace the inner panel first.  Then remove the outer/bottom panel.

Pretty roached.

Decent progress, more tomorrow hopefully!

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