Saturday, January 10, 2015

Day 116 & 117

The past few days working on the bug I finished the front fenders, welding them up and making them look good.  The driver's side needed some panel beating and a weld or two.

The passenger side front fender required a bit more welding but not as much panel beating.  The welding consisted of reattaching the broken off headlight conduit which carries the electrical wires to the headlight bucket.

I then transitioned to some seat frames which needed repairs.

Finally, the last few times working on the bug I focused on the decklid.  It was in decent shape with only a bit of welding needed and some hammer and dolly to get things straight.

However, the most problematic area of the decklid is the portion on the inside where the latch is.  This is a point where water collects and that means RUST.  I tried welding the holes but found them to be too prevalent to continue.

Notice the bottom edge.
Very difficult to get in here with a grinder to get them smooth.

I drilled out the spot welds and had to piece by piece plug weld the holes in the inner attachment area.  A real pain!

I of course blew threw the metal in several spots because it is a bit weaker and already thin to begin with.  But, I kept at it and used the flash light trick to make sure there weren't any pin holes when I was finished.  A little bit of body filler and it should be A-OK!

Next time I'll reattach the decklid pieces.  I have the hood and two doors to go!

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