Saturday, May 9, 2015

Day 151

Well today I got some real progress done!  I woke up to reasonably warm temperatures.  I thought it would be too cool so I turned on the lights in the garage and my space heater to get things warmed up.

I got the booth all put together which is sort of a process.  The cars have to be moved out of the driveway, the pan and body moved out of the garage, the area set up, the parts cleaned and brought in, and then the front "door" closed and taped up.  But it works well and I'm happy with it this time!

I got most of the parts that I need to epoxy prime before a color or just finished taken care of today.

Wheels, driver's seat pieces, random odds and ends here and there.

My gun initially malfunctioned which I think was a combination of the fluid tip not being screwed on tight enough and also some old paint material in the gun.  I ended up stopping before I even started, cleaned the gun real well and back to painting.

A couple runs here and there but much better than last time.  I also had some lifting because the wax and grease remover wasn't completely out of the wheels cracks and crevices.  They were just blasted so I soaked them good and wiped them out.  I also blew air on them but didn't get it all.  A little extra prep before final paint now.  Oh well, live and learn.

I also got the trims put on my running boards.  It was easy and I needed to kill time while I was waiting for paint to dry.

Anyway, prepped some parts for my first color run!  It is blue grey which is a matte finish and more or less looks like primer.  Here are the parts it is going to be used on.

The paint should look like the bottom right glove box.

Excited to see progress!

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