Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day 154

Quite a bit of progress the past couple days.

First, yesterday in between flights at work I was able to make 3 stops in southern California and get some parts hunting done.  First stop was to get chrome work quoted which was good, albeit a bit high.  I am sending the parts out to Montana to see if I can get a better deal and better work.  Once I hear back I'll make a decision where to send the parts.

I also stopped and purchased a bunch of parts at my favorite vendor Wolfsburg West.  I got vent windows, headlight trim rings, all the light bulbs for the car, some random odds and ends, even an original style battery.

I stopped at a local vendor for vintage classic tires and this place was so cool!  The walls all had signs from old gas stations and the entire place was filled to the rafters with vintage tires.  Bias ply, white walls, hard to find, no longer made type stuff.  Very cool!  I was going to purchase 5 bias ply wide white walls seen below but found it was actually cheaper (no sales tax) to have them shipped to the house.

Well, I recieved the tires today and had two concerns.  First they weren't 3" exactly as advertised.  A little bit smaller BUT the real kicker is I had 3 tires from one production run and 2 tires from another.  What this meant is there were differences between the two sets.  And of course, that is going to drive me crazy.  So I "saved" money by having them shipped and now have an errand to exchange some for the matching ones.  A pain, but worth it in the end.


These are the 3" stickered ones...which are smaller

These are the 2 3/4" stickered ones...which are larger of the two, but still smaller than 3"
Today I also disassembled an original 36hp fuel pump I got for $20.  I bought a new diaphragm for it yesterday at Wolfsburg West so for about $40 and some elbow grease I'll have a nicely restored fuel pump.  I may keep this one or I may sell it off again for a profit.

I organized the parts I got yesterday and taped off the wheels for the black paint on the inside of the rim and back side.  Not sure when I'll be able to paint next, but they're ready!

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