Saturday, May 30, 2015

Day 159

Woohoo another good day of progress!  I was able to hand mount, install, and air up my new tires on my restored wheels.

No major issues getting them mounted.  A bit of touch up paint where the tire iron damaged the backside of the rim.  That's why I mounted them face down.

My process basically was to put the wheel on a moving blanket face down.  I then put a plastic trash bag over the wheel and lubed up the tire with some windex.  I got the first bead over the edge of the wheel and then using the tire iron got the second one to go as well.  I tried to minimize the impact the tire iron had by using some extra plastic to cushion it but couldn't get everything.  If I did it again I'd probably put some tape on the tire iron too.

I touched up the paint, installed my wheel balancing Dynabeads, put a ratchet strap around the entire circumference of the tire, and aired them up!  The Dynabeads are like wheels weights except it is a dynamic balance, this little small beads rotate inside the tire finding the low spot and balancing the tire, even as it wears!  Really cool.

Here's a video of how the Dynabeads work.  I could have done normal balancing, but the wheel has such a wide opening most places can't do it.  The trick is to bring in a used brake drum and balance the wheel with the brake drum attached, but the Dynabeads are so much better!

The ratchet strap around the tire was necessary to compress it so the bead would seat against the rim.  Worked like a charm.

Just an example ;)

I'm really happy with the look of the tire, the fit, and how well they installed.  A couple hiccups but glad to say I did it myself and my bare hands!

Next up, priming the body parts!

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