Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day 157

Today I did the L87 Pearl White paint on the inner discs of the wheels.  Overall, it turned out pretty good.  I was happy with them, they needed a bit of work with a razor blade after they had dried but very presentable.  I even managed to nick and and repair a wheel already.  First scratch done!

I had a good helper too!
I am working to get the vent window logo also put into a stencil.

And I also picked up and installed the battery logo on my reproduction battery.  This would have been the original logo that went on the battery.  Yes, this is how crazy I am being considering this thing will be underneath the rear seat for approximately no one to see.

Pretty good!

Next step is the mask off the last part of the wheels and spray those Moss Green.  It's a dark forest green type color.  I still have a couple black parts to paint later on, and all of the Stone Beige pieces for the inside.  I have to wait until I get the steering wheel back before I can do those, however.

So, really after the wheels I'll move onto priming the body parts and getting ready for block sanding.

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